My Daily Inspiration

Most of us spend a lot of time on the interwebz. I know I do. So I choose to make the best out of it by following those kinds of websites, tweets and blogs which make me appreciate life and remind me of what a fascinating place the world can be.

Need some inspirational motivation to get you going? There you go!

1. TED (Talks)

I am in freakin’ love with TED! I don’t know how many incredibly amazing talks I’ve already seen and the people just keep on surprising and impressing me. My favorite talk changes from time to time, since there’s no shortage of mind blowing content.

Have you ever heard of the zero waste lifestyle? I’ve been blown away by the idea, which got introduced to me through Bea Johnson, a mother of two, lovely wife and inspirational mind. Here’s the talk which changed the way I handle my garbage:

2. Upworthy

Yes, I know. Upworthy got quite big already and that’s why some people don’t like it anymore. But I’ve been following them for a few years now and watched them grow without changing too much and still keeping focus on the important things.

Even ‘though they don’t only do original content they do share the right things. Like this little clip I watched and started crying immediately.


Before I became vegan a few years ago I thought Peta is one of those extremist groups who care less about humans than about animals. I was wrong. Realizing that veganism is imperativ if we really want to help our mother earth, helped me to see that Petas activism is necessary.


4. Earth Porn

Earth Porn is one of those websites where I turn into a little child again. Throwing a variety of “Oooohhh!!!”s and “Aaaahhhhh!!!!”s around me.  And thank God I’m a poor musician otherwise I’d be buying all the prints they sell in their shop.


5. Collective Evolution

I am a very spiritual person. But I’m also a science lover. Collective Evolution gets it right to satisfy both my needs with pieces like:

Pranayama Breathing: What Elephants & Ants can teach us about Longevity & Energy



100% Off Grid Netherlands Town will grow its own Food, power itself & more


What are your favorite inspirational websites?
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