Random Ramblings #1

Random Ramblings is the beginning of a little series, where I want to share random thoughts on things that happen to me during the day or stuff that just crosses my mind.

Now let’s begin with #1: Homeless Man

I’ve just returned from a one hour walk with my dogs. It’s wet and cold outside and I really didn’t want to spend more time than necessary outside the warmth of my bed on that gloomy Sunday.

As I entered the Kaserne Areal (It’s a little park, where a lot of people go to let their dogs run a bit) I came across one woman who’s almost always there. She is very friendly but she has definitely seen better days. You almost always see her with a can of beer in her hand and I’ve seen her falling apart little by little over the last few years. But she still seems okay enough.

With her was a homeless man who has built a little shelter for himself. Cardboard boxes flat to use as mattress, covered by a sleeping bag, surrounded by his stuff in different bags. Fortunately the place was roofed since it was in the middle of a passage way. After greeting me she asked me if I could spare a few coins for her friend, so he could get something to eat. Since I felt for that guy I gave him 10 Swiss franks, which is more than you’d normally give to someone who’s begging for money. I told him he should get something warm to eat, since it’s cold and he needs to warm up. Both were more than grateful, so I went on to do my usual round with the dogs.

On my way back home I could see that the woman had left and the man was still there. I passed by him wishing him a good day as he asked me to stop:

“Excuse me…but can you afford to give away money? Just like that?”

“Actually no, I can’t. I don’t have plenty but I do have a roof over my head. A beautiful home and a great job. I’m grateful for that. And even if I’m poor for Swiss standards, I still have more than you. You need it way more than I do.”

“But it’s too much. I want to give it back. Even if you have a home – you still need to eat and pay your bills.”

“Yes, but I’ll eat, no worries. Please take it, I want you to have a warm meal.”

“The other woman helped… Now I have 30 franks!”

“That’s amazing! Good for you!”

“Yes, but..good for me. But what about you?”

“It’s absolutely fine. Believe me. Don’t think too much about it. I believe that whatever good or bad things one does, it always comes back in some form – maybe not money. But that’s ok. I want you to have it, ’cause I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.”

“I always do that…think too much. I need to work on that. Thank you so much. You are a very warm-hearted person. Thank you.”

“I hope life will turn around for you very soon.”

“It always does….there are always ups to the downs.”

“Please enjoy it without feeling bad, will you?”

“I will. Thank you”

After this conversation I went on home with tears in my eyes. I don’t know that mans story. I don’t know why he ended up in the streets. But all I could see was a decent human being having the hardest time. But he still manages to think of others and to share a smile.

I know that oftentimes the people who have less are the ones to give even more. This is not news to me. But still…. it’s just so damn touching to meet such a beautiful soul.

I hope we all find it in our hearts to respect people we don’t know, especially the less fortunate ones, since we have no idea what happened to them.

And you know what? Let’s not just care about them during holiday season. Everybody seems to be so charitable during christmas time but these people are out there 365 days a year.

your unspoiltmind


Let’s Talk Tantra!

Nope – not going to satisfy your dirty minds with pictures of people doing all kinds of positions from the kama sutra. So get your mind out of the gutter. You filthy little….

Tantra is actually way more than just that “sex thing” from India. Being a traditional tantra yoga teacher I often have to answer the “so, what is it then?” question.  Wikipedia does quite a good job on explaining the basics:

Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र), also called Tantrism and Tantric religion, is an ancient Indian tradition of beliefs and meditation and ritual practices that seeks to channel the divine energy of the macrocosm or godhead into the human microcosm,[1] to attain siddhis and moksha. It arose no later than the 5th century CE,[2] and it had a strong influence on both Hinduism and Buddhism.”

There’s a lot more on there to read about that topic. But for those who are a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge out there, let me give you my own thoughts on tantra.


Some guy on OKC (the most spiritual place on the internet – not.) told me that he was reading a book called Urban Tantra. He found himself feeling like he’s sexually connected to everybody else and that he understands the author when she speaks of sexual or divine energy, although he’s an atheist and does not believe in God. Further on he said,that Barbara Carrellas, the author of the book, states that the physical orgasm is some kind of paroxysm. After telling me that he’s feeling this sexual, divine connection right now as he writes to me (that’s an interesting way to put it..), this is what I answered:

My Thoughts on Tantra

“Why can’t this energy be God? I know exactly what you mean by “I strongly believe that god not exists” – But isn’t this merely a question of definition? I too do not believe in that kind of god which pops into our heads when we think about religions like christianity, judaism or islam. I strongly disagree with many aspects of that God. But I do believe in a connectedness, an universal energy, a divine energy if you want to call it that. I choose to call this “God”, when I talk to people who might understand what I mean. God is a word, corrupted by us, reshaped over millennia, and it is a word that changes meaning from culture to culture, religion to religion even from person to person. That’s why I try not to put too much meaning into that word, ’cause words are merely an expression of us trying to name the unnameable. “Energy” is more vage and therefore more convenient to use.

Now about physical orgasm being a paroxysm. In tantric sex, as I understand it, orgasm is not the goal. You try to hold back to sink into the oneness of your true selves – so if you release in orgasm you are disrupting the energy exchange. This might happen because you body is overwhelmed. It really depends on why you’re having sex. If you are having sex solely for physical reasons (hornyness, orgasm, cuddles, bodily sensations, reproduction) orgasm is the climax. It’s nice, it relaxes. But if you are having sex for spiritual reasons an orgasm might be an obstacle in your way – a paroxysm disturbing the holy communion of two souls. That’s why actual sexual encounters are one of the very last things you do on the tantric path, because there is way more to learn before you’re able to walk through that door towards oneness, “enlightenment” as some say. This is at least the tantric way from what I understand.

I do believe we are all connected through energy. And I do believe that this energy changes it’s form in “appearance”. It can “show up” as sexual energy, as love, friendship, sympathy, empathy and all the other emotions that live within us and connect us with other beings. That’s why I don’t eat animal products (since we’re one), that’s why I don’t believe in gender (for there is no gender in a soul), that’s why I don’t believe in judging people, that’s why I walk my own path, trying to be authentic and in touch with myself – for when I’m not connected with myself, how can I be open to feel connections with others? Well, this is at least how I see life.”

After I sent him that message it took a while for him to gather his thoughts and write back. But he did. Good for him!

What are your first thoughts, when you hear the word tantra? Let me know!

your unspoiltmind