What happened?

I started this blog so eagerly. I’m still very passionate about writing down my thoughts from time to time, but I seem to have lost the drive a bit – for the moment.

I feel like I’m in the middle of a transformation. Life itself is transforming all the time I guess, but I feel like having earned enough experience points to level up. Gamers will know what I mean by that 😉

I see a lot of bloggers and vloggers document every step they take. I find it quite interesting and I think it’s great if you’re able to concentrate on many things at the same time. Like being something and documenting it at the same time.

I’m just not like that.

At the moment I’m all about minimalism. I’m decluttering my home, getting rid of a lot of things step by step. My wardrobe’s down to a few items and I took over 27o CDs, 180 DVDs, 20 Vinyl to a second hand dealer.

But you won’t find any photos or documentations of that process here. Why? I just couldn’t care less about sharing this right now. Not because it’s not exciting, but just because I’m living it in the moment at the moment and I don’t feel like holding on to the process, I just want to live through it. Maybe I’m just lazy. Who knows.

There will be blog entries about my findings and learnings living through that process. But until then I’ll just be in it.

I’ll be back.

your unspoiltmind



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